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A sip of Happiness

Tea from their hands to your cup. True to your taste! 

Anne's Teapot 

We offer a sip of  happiness! "Onja Chai ya Bomet,Utapenda!"
Authentic tea

Fresh organic tea without additives.


Varied packaged sizes with low prices 


We would love to bring our tea to your home table 

About Us

Mouthwateringly Delicious Tea On Low Budget

 Treat yourself to a uniquely satisfying and gratifying tea drinking experience while serving your body much needed antioxidants at a throw away price.

Tea Packages

Meet the variety

  • 120g

    Kapkoros Tea Leaves - 120g

    SHS 80.00

  • 240g

    Motigo Tea Leaves - 240g

    SHS. 150.00 

  • Tirgaga Tea Leaves - 500g

    Tirgaga Tea Leaves - 500g

    SHS 250.00

  • Motigo tea 500g

    Motigo Tea Teaves - 500g

    SHS 250.00

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The Tea Story

Begins as two leaves and a bud, end up as a sip of happiness.

Happy sipping!

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Enjoying Tea